Answers To Questions About No Trash Week

Find out who we are and what the event is all about.

Q: What is the point of No Trash Week?
A: No Trash Week is an annual event designed to raise awareness of the excessive garbage produced in our society, with a focus on getting people started on actually making life style changes to reduce waste output to landfills.
Q: If I make trash during the week do I lose the challenge?
A: No. The way our society is currently structured makes it very difficult for any individual to produce zero garbage. Set your own goal and try your best to surpass it.
Q: Who runs the event? How do I ask questions or get involved?
A: The movement is based out of Seattle, and is a developing program. We would love to hear your feedback, anti-trash stories and tips, and of course we can always use volunteers. Our contact email is info -at- notrashweek -dot- com
Q: How will doing this save me money?
A: If you make less trash, you can downsize to the cheapest trash container offered by your municipal garbage service. When you avoid buying highly packaged items, you save yourself the costs of the wrapper and the packaging process which are hidden in the prices of the goods.
Q: Are there prizes?
A: Maybe... Contact us if you think you deserve one!
Q: Did you notice the other way to read your url?
A: It makes it memorable, doesn't it?

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For questions and suggestions, email info -at- notrashweek -dot- com.